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Reliability, Integrity and Clear Communication

Amped Electric is owned and operated by Dylan Williams.  I hold a contracting license in both Electrical (a C-10 license) and General Building (a B license).  I also hold a journeyman electrician certification from the Department of Industrial Relations.  I have spent the last decade working on projects large and small, residential and commercial, learning from and working with highly skilled contractors, electricians, builders and engineers.

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Why is our motto Reliability, Integrity and Clear Communication?

Through my years in the construction industry, I have found that these are the three core characteristics that set apart a good contractor.  While any contractor can do decent work or be the low bidder, to become a contractor that clients want to work with exclusively, these three traits are key.



Reliability speaks for itself.  When you call an electrician, you want a company that will show up when they say they will, provide an estimate within a time frame they make clear to you, and perform the work to the agreed upon schedule.  They should also respond quickly to any followup questions or problems you have after the job is complete.  Beyond the company and it's employees being reliable, the work they perform must be reliable as well.  As a client, you can have full faith that all the work we perform is done correctly, safely, and was done to last years, not just for the length of the warrantee.



Integrity is a rare trait in the construction industry.  Competition is difficult and cutting corners is a common remedy for low margins.  A large part of our hiring process is focused on ensuring that our employees hold integrity as a foundation of their character.  If an electrician cannot be trusted to do high quality work, even when no one is looking, they can't be trusted to be a part of our team.


Clear Communication

Clear communication between contractor and client is the most important trait of all.  Most problems which arise on a jobsite can be traced back to a lack of clear communication.  Lacking thorough plans and specs, a contractor should specifically detail every aspect of a job, and the client should understand all the choices that are being made and what is being sacrificed if a tradeoff must be made.  Once the job begins, an contractor should be clear about when they will arrive, and what is being done.  Any questions a client has should be promptly answered.  In short, the client should understand exactly what they are getting, and how it the work will impact their home or business.  Amped electric provides thorough and detailed estimates and schedules, and clearly communicates throughout the entire process of a project.