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Reliability, Integrity and Clear Communication

Below is just a small sample of testimonials from our many happy customers.  For privacy, we do not publish the contact information of our references.  Should you like to speak directly with our past clients or contracting partners please contact us directly

Testimonials From Clients

"Dylan upgraded our home service panel from 100 to 200 amps, installed some exterior power outlets and troubleshooted some existing problems with the electrical system in our house.  If you're looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy electrician, he's your guy.  All the work was done to the highest standards, and for a very reasonable price.  Dylan was dependable and consistent.  I was very happy with his work."

          -Rick C, San Diego

"I have used Amped twice in the past few weeks and have nothing but good things to say.  Dylan showed up within a couple hours of sending a text to get work done at our new house.  I shop around for rates, and his are definitely the most competitive which is mucho appreciated.  I would not hesitate to use this service again and already have plans to have Dylan install two new outlets cut into our granite backsplash.  You will not be disappointed if you call Dylan for any electrical needs."

          -James A, La Mesa

"3 main characteristics: fast, reliable, very reasonably priced. Needed a high voltage outlet installed in my garage for my new EV. Other companies wanted $89 just to get a quote for it. :) Dylan was at my house within an hour and 3 hours later a great quality professional job was completed. Highly recommended and bookmarked for any possible future electrical job!"

          -Monica R, Carlsbad

"Professional, informative and service oriented.
In the midst of a 3 unit remodel after finding some bare knob and tube wiring in the attic my general contractor friend recommended Amped Electric. Dylan showed up answering questions, making recommendations and sharing information about current  NEC codes in CA. Not only was he knowledgeable but he saved me money by letting me know that all the work I had asked him to do was not necessary and skillfully guided me to a reasonable safe and comfortable decision. 
I'm an Amped customer for life."

          -Greg B, San Diego

"This week I figured out that I probably had an electrical problem. I found Dylan Wiliams from Amped Electric on Craigslist with his big smile picture. I called and told him what was happening here and he was most professional with his suggestions and we agreed that I would ring him back once SDG&E had checked my power from the outside pole. When I called him back two days later he told me he'd be right over. Ten minutes later he showed up and pin pointed my problem, supplied the new part  and got me back in working order in a flash and charged me a very competitive rate which made me very  happy. This young guy is pleasant and courteous and I feel he is extremely honest and is trying to start up his own company. You certainly won't get any quicker response or better work with any one else . I highly recommend him."

          -RB W, San Diego

"I hired Dylan Williams for a complete kitchen remodel, which involved quite a bit of electrical work, as well as a completely new kitchen. With a very successful remodel, I hired Dylan two years later when we added a full studio and garage, a separate dwelling from the existing house. This entailed a new electrical and gas service, which Dylan handled completely, not only with PG & E but with the city and building department and inspectors. He was always very professional and great to work with. As this was a new venture for both of us, Dylan researched many of the issues that arose and always presented me with options and knowledgeable decisions. Finally, I asked Dylan to replace my old fireplace with a new gas insert, a project which he took on last year. This entailed both gas lines and new electrical, since there is an automatic ignition system. Again, Dylan did all the research and presented excellent plans and options for me. I have been very comfortable working with Dylan over the years and just wish he was still here in the SF Bay Area. I am always taking on new projects and will only work with Dylan."

           -Sincerely, Nancy Noble


"Dylan is a terrific contractor with whom to work. He was the general contractor for my kitchen and two bathroom remodeling jobs. He gave me comprehensive and clear bids for the work to be done, which included extensive electrical upgrades.  He has a fantastic work ethic. Once a job would begin, he showed up promptly each day, cleaned up daily, was meticulous (and artistic!) about his work, and possesses outstanding verbal andwritten communication skills. There were no misunderstandings between us in all of the work that was done - and I was very pleased with the final results. I would hire him again in an instant!"

           -Dave R, Alameda, CA




"I have been using Dylan's services for years now and I will always choose to go to him for any electrical work I have. One of the biggest projects he did for me was when I was turning the basement of a 60 year old house into a living space. He removed all the knob and tube wiring, brought in more electricity, and completely re-wired the entire space up to code. He is always on time, prepared, and very professional. He knows his stuff, which saves time and worry for the homeowner. I have recommended him to several friends and family members over the years and they would all agree that Dylan is our go-to guy."

           -Erin N, Berkeley, CA


"We hired Dylan Williams to install some floors (one with an electric heated base), a new furnace, a gas fireplace and an unbelievably fabulous pantry.  I felt comfortable with Dylan because he explains his entire process very clearly and has broad knowledge of the best materials to use.  He is intelligent, courteous and efficient.  All of the work was well thought out, top notch, down to the smallest detail, and his rates were more than fair; his suggestions were always practical and logical and he kept us apprised of his progress during the entire remodeling.  I would hire him again in a second."

           -Barbara and Bahman Shayesteh, Berkeley, CA


Testimonials From Architects

“Dylan Williams was the general contractor on a home that I designed in 2006 for a lifetime friend in Point Richmond, California.  The client chose Dylan as contractor.  I hadn't worked with Dylan before but would love to work with him again on another project.


Dylan helped me in the beginning of the project with structural and foundation concerns related to the site topography and soil.  We also had changes during construction that the structural engineer required during foundation work and framing.  The changes required more work and craftsmanship than the original design.  Dylan carried out the changes well within our construction time schedule.  He not only solved problems quickly and professionally, he anticipated and identified some structural problems to the structural engineer early enough so that the structural engineer was able to correct them without extra construction cost to the client.  His concern for our client was superior.


Dylan's coordination of his sub contractor's was efficient and they were all good.  Dylan's own work and his crew's work was especially good.  He is not only a great manager but an excellent craftsman.  As an architect we like to work with contractors who fully understand the drawings, cary out the design shown on the drawings and generally cooperate with us and the client.  Dylan performs all of these beyond my normal expectations.


Although my work consists of custom homes, small multi-family and small commercial I would also recommend Dylan for larger projects because of his overall skills, professionalism and knowledge.     


Please feel free to get in touch with me for any further questions about Dylan.”


Jay Betts  Architect


400 Golden Gate Avenue

Point Richmond, CA


Testimonials From Contractors

"Over the years that I have been working with Dylan Williams, I am consistently impressed by his knowledge and professionalism on and off the jobsite. His estimates are clear, thorough and fairly priced. The quality of his work is top notch, and clients are always happy to have him work on their property."

           -John Blenkle, JJB Development Inc. Lic. 903519



"I am very happy to have found Dylan. He goes the extra mile to make the job turn out right. Quality work, right price, reliable and a great attitude. He gets all my work."

           -Paul Murphy, Murphy's Construction, Lic. #900297

Testimonials From Property Managers


"Choosing Dylan Williams to manage our construction project was one of the best business decisions we could make. His knowledge, experience and professionalism brought the whole project together. All of the clients, sub-contractors  and customers were satisfied with the results.  He is not only one of the most experienced contractors I have worked with but is also one of the most professional, courteous and easy to work with. He brought our project in on time and under budget."

           -David Morris, Property Manager.